Google Business Messages

of clients

Now prefer to contact companies through messages vs traditional channels

One of the latest updates from Google with which we can activate a chat button in the locations.

  • The user can contact us directly from Google maps and Google search.
  • The chat is structured through a Bot, with the option of contacting a real agent online.
  • Fully customizable chatbot for the needs of the brand.

Marketing support

From the chat we redirect customers to the product or service they need.


Facilitating the purchase process, users can pay directly through the chat via Google Pay.


Increasing the conversion of the locations with a greater visibility of products and promotions

Reduction of phone calls and physical
traffic for consultations

In many sectors, the chat is a fundamental tool to reduce telephone inquiries, customer support costs, and offices saturation.

Data measurement & Statistics

We analyze the decisions taken by the users with the option to see regional comparisons, ranking of stores with the most interactions, most chosen options and any personalized segmentation.

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