Top 10 locations Germany

Locations Nº of reviews on Google Europa Park 142.833 Brandenburg Gate 138.676 Marienplatz 95.412 Neuschwanstein Castle 74.462 Miniatur Wunderland 70.280 Allianz Arena 59.021 Cologne Cathedral 58.163 Heidelberg Castle 46.130 East Side Gallery  46.069 Berlin TV Tower 36.952 TOP 10 – Berlin TV Tower At the bottom of the list is the Berlin TV Tower, a […]

Google Business Messages Success stories | Redsalud

RedSalud, the largest hospital chain in Chile, stands out as one of the most notable success stories of Google Business Messages. After launching this feature alongside our chatbot in early 2022, the brand has achieved its main objective with this action: reducing the number of phone calls, with a decrease of 43%. Such has been […]