Locations management

Setting up the locations

  • Initial update of the locations on Google.
  • Ownership control of all the locations and bug fixes.
  • Initial report to know the starting point of the project.
  • Definition of the strategies to follow

Local SEO optimization


Expanding the customer acquisition in each location.


Carrying out Ad Hoc studies and benchmarks for an effective insertion of keywords

Advanced actions

Local posts to promote products, events, offers, etc.

Products and services sections as a digital showcase for your brand on Google

Ad Hoc review campaigns to heal the reputation and improve the relevance of the locations

Activity reports

Periodically, we detail the actions taken, the activity in the different regions and conclusions derived from the data analysis:

  • Local and global audit of the brand.
  • Activity and reputation data of the locations.
  • Comparison of the monthly data vs historical data.
  • Data analysis and improvement proposals, based on our experience.

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