Reputational campaigns strategies

The number of reviews we accumulate for our locations is one of the key aspects of strengthening our Local SEO strategy, as primarily, Google will assign us more prominence on the map compared to other results.

Both the number of reviews and the average rating can make a fundamental difference in our visibility, to the point where our location will be visible without the need to search for it, just by navigating the map.

For example, football stadiums, shopping centers, well-known restaurants… have such a strong reputation that they can become references on the map, similar to a monument, a university or a museum.

Given the importance of working on the reputational health of our locations, it is very convenient to plan reputational improvement campaigns with the aim of encouraging users to review us.

To plan the most efficient improvement strategy, it will be necessary to know the type of user we are targeting. Among the fundamental actions, it is recommended to include a QR code in the locations, so that the user can scan it and go directly to write a review, minimizing the number of clicks necessary. Other actions may include requesting reviews by email or social media, giving visibility to our incentive on all available communication channels to achieve the best results.

In addition to encouraging customers to write reviews, it is important to respond to all reviews in a professional and grateful manner, whether they are positive or negative.

Advanced Local SEO

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