What are the Google Local Guides?

Google has always wanted to involve users in improving the quality of Maps, which is why they created Local Guide badges for those users who actively improve the quality of local listings, in order to help other users and contribute to the community.

In order to incentivize users, Google has a point system to determine each user’s Local Guide level. These levels become more demanding over time, although a user who works on their level may receive surprise gifts from Google for having contributed to improving the quality of the map.

How to be a Google Local Guide?

Anyone can be a Local Guide very easily:

  • By leaving reviews and ratings of the locations you visit.
  • Adding photos or videos of the place.
  • Adding new locations to the application.
  • Showing new routes to get to the locations.
  • Responding in the question and answer section.
  • For each of these actions, Google gives us points that define our Local Guide level.


Google’s rewards change over time, but high-level Local Guides (5 or more) have been offered:

  • Extra storage space on Google Drive.
  • Free months of Google Play Music.
  • Discounts on movies.
  • Access to beta applications.
  • Discounts in the Play Store.
  • Invitation to workshops, courses, and events.
Google Local Guides

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