Types of posts on Google My Business to enhance your brand’s visibility.

One of the most useful features of Google My Business is its local posts, which allow you to share relevant information about your business with potential customers. There are three types of posts available: offers, events, and updates. Each type of post has a different CTA button displayed in the post:

However, there is another relevant difference that determines the visibility of posts on Google. Offer-type posts have a greater visibility on the platform, to the point that they appear as a banner below the business name on the map, as we can see in this example of McDonald’s:

Additionally, offers also help us stand out with a banner on local listings when they appear in search results, as we see in this other example from Dia:


Offer-type posts are an excellent way to promote special offers or discounts on your products or services. As we have seen, this type of post helps us increase the visibility of the post and can be a key to attract more customers to your business.


Event-type posts are ideal for promoting any type of content like blogs, workshops, etc. In the same way as with the offer-type posts, customers can interact with the post to get more information or share the event on social media.


Update-type posts are perfect for sharing important updates about your business, such as a new product or service, or a new opening. These posts can also include photos and links to your website.


Google My Business posts are a free and effective tool to improve the local SEO of your locations. Don’t forget to add relevant and attractive content in your posts to catch the attention of your users!

Here are some examples as a reference:

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