Reputational campaigns strategies

The number of reviews we accumulate for our locations is one of the key aspects of strengthening our Local SEO strategy, as primarily, Google will assign us more prominence on the map compared to other results. Both the number of reviews and the average rating can make a fundamental difference in our visibility, to the […]

Tips for managing negative reviews

Google reviews are a critical part of your business’s online reputation. While positive reviews can help attract new customers, negative reviews can have the opposite effect. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to properly respond to negative reviews on Google Maps. Stay calm and respond professionally The first step is to stay calm and […]

What are the Google Local Guides?

Google has always wanted to involve users in improving the quality of Maps, which is why they created Local Guide badges for those users who actively improve the quality of local listings, in order to help other users and contribute to the community. In order to incentivize users, Google has a point system to determine […]

The 3 pillars of the Google local algorithm

Advanced Local SEO One question that often arises is, how are results ordered in a local search? Google is based on 3 pillars: These three pillars are fundamental when it comes to appearing in a search. In other words, if we offer the product or service that the user needs, if we are a notable […]

Types of posts on Google My Business to enhance your brand’s visibility.

One of the most useful features of Google My Business is its local posts, which allow you to share relevant information about your business with potential customers. There are three types of posts available: offers, events, and updates. Each type of post has a different CTA button displayed in the post: However, there is another […]

The importance of reviews for your business.

The reviews on Google are crucial to your business’s reputation and search engine ranking. As consumers become increasingly discerning, they want to be sure they’ll receive high-quality service or products before making a purchase or hiring a service. A recent study from 2022 found that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a local […]